Crystal Marks pleads guilty to the standard psychic scam

This name will sound familiar but I can’t seem to directly connect her with the infamous psychic “Marks” family. But regardless, the name “Marks” raises a giant red FRAUD flag.

Self-proclaimed psychic takes no-jail plea deal in scam | New York Post.

Smooth-talking “psychic” Crystal Marks pleaded guilty Tuesday to scamming a Greenwich Village lawyer out of $118,000 in gold Rolex watches, cash and gift cards as part of a no-jail plea deal Tuesday in a Manhattan court.

Of course she is guilty. She totally did this like many MANY other so-called psychics. These tactics are the Marks of the scam, if you will. The victim tells what happened.

Brooks said she decided to walk into Marks’ fortune teller shop in Dumbo as she was strolling down a Brooklyn street one night in September.

“I had a lot on my mind. Three terrible things happened in the span of a month,” Brooks said. “It had to do with family, love and career. It was a lot of loss in all three of those categories.”

In her three part plan, Marks first ordered Brooks to cough up thousands in cash, Brooks said.

Then, on October 1, Marks brought Brooks to the fancy Tourneau store in Midtown to buy $88,000 in Rolex watches for her to “reverse a wrong that the victim committed three years ago,” the complaint states.

Marks claimed that the watches would “reset that time in the victim’s life” and noted that she had occult powers, which enabled her to tell fortunes, court papers said.

The victim notes how much she wanted to believe Marks could help her out of her situation. She was vulnerable but luckily she wised up just in time and called the police to report the scam. Don’t be afraid to report these scams, they need to be heard. Psychics asking for your money are scammers whether they believe in their “powers” or not. They can not DO the miracles they claim. It’s complete BS.

I have tried to find some resources on the Marks family to see the history and who is related to whom but I’ve not had too much luck except with Rose’s immediate family. If anyone has further info on the Marks family, please provide info in the comments. That will be much appreciated.

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  1. Gary
    January 22, 2014 at 9:24 PM

    I saw something recently about her daughter in law getting busted. Is this the same one or is that another case?

  2. Roberta
    February 23, 2014 at 9:56 PM

    Pretty much all the roma/gypsies have the same surname depending the “tribe/clan” they are coming from. They might not be necessarily relatives but they are gypsies coming from the same tribe/clan.

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