Carlisle Castle Hotel in Sydney is highlighting the antics of their “ghost”

A wispy figure in front of the camera, wine bottles jumping off the shelf, glasses falling to the floor. A haunting? Well, this place would like you to think so.

A ghost with a taste for red wine seems to have appeared at the Carlisle Castle Hotel in Sydney’s Newtown | The Australian.

Peter Bradbury, licensee of the Carlisle Castle Hotel in Newtown, Sydney noticed bottles and glasses falling to the floor with no one near them on two separate occasions last night.

He said the mysterious breakages and unexplained bumps in the night have become increasingly regular of late so the hotel has opened up the issue for speculation on its Facebook page.

Mr Bradbury said if it was a ghost, their visitor had high-end tastes.

“Red wine seems to be the choice, apparently he likes the red,” he said.

Some say it may be “Old Peter”, who worked in the pub in the early 1990s.

More cynical souls have suggested the drinks fell due to the vibrations of a fridge motor, the footsteps of a passer by or even lazy shelf stacking.

The details aren’t clear here and it does call for some investigation. Unfortunately, I’m afraid they would call in some paranormal investigators who attribute whatever they can’t explain immediately to the paranormal. In many cases, there may not be enough information to find out what really happened. When the moment is passed and no one notes the air vents going on or some vibration or how the glasses were hanging or how the wine bottles were stacked… we lose valuable data that can’t necessarily be retrieved.

Also, we can’t be sure that all these things have a common cause (ghost). The hotel notes they are playing it up for a laugh on Facebook (and the media, now) but it could be a ploy to drum up business if they believe it’s a ghost or not.

In the video, you can see a wispy mist moving in front of the camera. My first thought? A cobweb in the breeze of air conditioning – out of focus but with a fixed attachment. The wine bottle? Notice how the second bottle flies out with quite a force, horizontally. It could have been stacked poorly with the ones behind leaning. The glasses are hanging from a holder. What if a glass was wet and slid? What if it was also placed precariously. Is there construction going on? Is there some sloppy housekeeping going on? I doubt that the owner would hoax a dangerous and costly situation such as breaking bottles and glasses during business hours. But I don’t see any effort to get to the bottom of this. Just… ghost speculation.

Photo from Google Maps.

Notice that the glasses could quite easily fall. Photo from Google Maps.

While many people would really LIKE to believe in haunted pubs, logic and reason tells us that we need better evidence than this to accept an extraordinary explanation.

David James contributed content to this piece.



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  1. Chris howard
    February 1, 2014 at 9:26 AM

    Having worked in the restaurant industry for years I can say that condensation, coupled with equipment vibration, and changes in air pressure (hot kitchen, air conditioned front of the house) account for the majority of these phenomena.

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