A warning about “dead” snakes

If you kill a venomous snake, note that they retain instinctive reflexes to bite for long after even their spinal cord is severed.

Snake bites man 45 minutes after being killed : Rest of the World, News – India Today.

Jake Thomas, a volunteer who mows the local cemetery at Werris Creek, came across the snake, which he cut into half, during his usual clean-up but 45 minutes later, when he came back to get rid of the snake, it bit him twice…

Some reflexes may be retained for HOURS.

Recall this video of a decapitated snake that reacted and bit itself. It’s very bizarre.

Reflexive action after death may even happen to people on rare occasions.

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  1. Phil
    January 20, 2014 at 5:39 PM

    Most people who work outdoors in rattler country know this. You should also know the anti- venin can only be used once as you develop a reaction.

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