Woman found to be carrying rare “stone baby”

Fascinating! It’s very rare but it really does happen when a dead fetus will calcify and remain in the body.

40-year-old fetus found in 82-year-old woman: report  – NY Daily News.

A Colombian woman thought to be suffering from gastroenteritis is actually carrying a decades-old lithopedion, or ‘stone baby,’ doctors at Tunjuelito Hospital in Bogota told news media. There are only about 300 documented cases of stone baby in medical literature.

A 82-year-old woman went to the hospital with stomach pain and doctors discovered something astounding: she was carrying a 40-year-old fetus.

The dead, calcified fetus is a very rare instance of a lithopedion, or “stone baby,” which results from an ectopic pregnancy where a fetus is conceived outside the uterus in the abdomen.

stone baby
The body deposits calcium over the fetus to protect from infection. It reminds me of the pearl making process in oysters. Amazing. Only about 300 cases of lithopedia have been recorded in medical literature. Read an account of the oldest case that appeared to astound and fascinate the medical examiners, written by excellent writer about oddities, Jan Bondeson. [PDF]