The Strange remains the same 20 Dec 2013

Oh deer… some strange stuff today.

Houston attorney sues psychic over ‘love ritual’ |

Meth dealer really named Walter White gets 12 years in prison |

Most Bizarre Medical Stories Of 2013.

Psychics: US soothsaying laws unfair to believers | Franklin Hamburg Lafayette NJ | Local News.

Elk rescued after Christmas lights, candy canes get stuck in antlers – Calgary – CBC News.

Merry friggin' Christmas

Merry friggin’ Christmas


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  1 comment for “The Strange remains the same 20 Dec 2013

  1. Bo Gardiner
    December 21, 2013 at 1:55 PM

    Whoa… the NJ Advertiser News, in which the above story “Psychics: US soothsaying laws…” appears, has a banner at the bottom of every story something called the “Bill of Rights of Our Readers,” which includes “The right not to be annoyed or offended.”

    Is this the future of journalism?

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