See a floating light in the sky? May be Chinese lanterns this time of year

Swedes love their Chinese lanterns. It causes a surge of UFO reports this time of year.

UFO experts ready for rice lantern surge – The Local.

“A lot of the reports at New Year’s are triggered by the Thai lanterns,” UFO report investigator Tobias Lindgren told the TT news agency. “Every year, I investigate between 50 and 60 sightings. I expect to have a lot to do this year too.”

According to the piece, Swedes no longer need a permit to launch the lighted hot air balloons but if you live near an airport, you must notify them. The UFO investigator notes that the number of suspected UFO sightings have risen along with the trend of launching these floating devices. It keeps them busy.

The fire-lit balloons are a potential hazard if they land on flammable material. A ban was sought in the U.K.

chinese lanterns

This story came from Canada last year Christmas Eve – Silent, Holy and strange orange lights night.

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  1. jveeds
    December 30, 2013 at 12:41 PM

    I was playing tennis about 7:30pm at a desert resort in Scottsdale when we saw the lanterns drifting across the sunset. Everyone on the several courts simply stopped and stared. I have to admit that seeing a line of the lanterns floating gently at low level across the sky at dusk is a startling experience , even when you know that its a human-engineered event.

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