Roo hoo! A kangaroo dashing through the snow in Oklahoma

This is funny. A man was goose hunting with his friends when they spot a VERY non-native animal around. The resulting video of it bounding through a field of cows (who look none too pleased about it) is getting rave reviews.

Hunter Andrew Rice posts video on Facebook of kangaroo while goose hunting near Adair, Oklahoma – Story.

He posted the video Monday [on Facebook], and by Tuesday night it had more than 3,900 shares. Andrew posted Tuesday afternoon that he’s gotten more than 400 friend requests on the day.

Some people thought it is the pet roo, Sparkles, who disappeared in this area a year ago. Sparkles was never found (and is presumed dead). The entertaining guest on this video belonged to someone who keeps them as a pet nearby. The animal was recaptured and is fine.

More from the hunter, Andrew Rice.

  1 comment for “Roo hoo! A kangaroo dashing through the snow in Oklahoma

  1. Woody
    December 25, 2013 at 9:28 PM

    I’m glad the roo is fine. It feels as if it was a long way from home. But the possibility of it being a roo that was known to be lost in the area a year ago makes it not so lost from its home.
    Reports of strangely unplaced species around the world are not uncommon, great cats, kangaroos and others, they take up a portion of crypto-zoological literature, although facts like human perception and the recent loss of foreign but locally held animals are often waved off by the crypto crowd.

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