Love hurts: Love “potion” ends up killing husband

In Uganda, a woman who took the advice of a local on “love potions” allegedly ended up killing him instead.

Woman kills husband with ‘love potion’.

In a bizarre twist of events, a woman in Tororo district caused the death of her husband when she gave him a meal she had prepared together with a local herb she was convinced was a ‘love potion’.

Mitchell Amwono thought her love life would automatically blossom after her husband takes the ‘love meal’, but she was shattered to see her plot take a fatal direction.

Her husband, Davis Ekwau, 40, complained of severe abdominal pain after consuming just a small portion of the concocted meal.

He died.

Amwono says she had good intentions. After he died, she stormed over to the home of Hellen Akware who she said gave her the advice.

There is no word from this piece about what the ingredients were or how the man died. This is all they give us. The media out of African nations can be spotty and prone to mistranslation. And it is difficult to determine the real story as it is rarely seen in followup.

Love potions, magical herbs? Oh my. People can be desperate and blind faith in a dumb idea can lead to tragedy.

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  1. Nos482
    December 23, 2013 at 3:30 PM

    on the bright side, he’ll never be unfaithful…so, success.

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