It’s just the normal noises here: Booming Kentucky, then a quake

A sharp-eyed reader sent me this story about an earthquake last week in Kentucky that was preceeded by a mystery boom days before. Related? It’s a possibility.

Small early-morning quake recorded in Bath County | State |

A relatively small earthquake early Monday morning shook parts of Bath County, the Kentucky Geological Survey said.

The quake, estimated at magnitude 2.7, occurred just before 6 a.m., roughly centered between Owingsville and Sharpsburg, said Seth Carpenter, a seismologist with the geological survey in Lexington.

Stephanie Stewart, the Bath County emergency management director, said no damage was reported to her office. Most residents heard a rumble and simply thought it was thunder, she said.

That was the morning of the 23rd.

This happened on the 19th:  Emergency crews investigate reports of loud explosions in Montgomery County.

Emergency crews say they received multiple calls Wednesday night from people claiming to have heard some sort of explosion.

Dozens of calls started to come into the 911 center around 9 p.m. Callers reported loud noises and bright lights. The sheriff’s office says most of the calls came in from the Jeffersonville area.

No earthquake activity was recorded at that time in the region but this is a fault zone connected to the New Madrid fault. The lights are intriguing. This news site notes that several noises and lights were reported. A non-skeptical site known for posting reports of anomalous noises received some from the Kentucky area from the 19th.

A small community maybe 40 some miles east from Lexington named Jeffersonville reported several loud booms and also orange lights. There were many 911 calls from the public wanting to know what was going on. No one had any explanations.

Previous booms in the area have been attributed to bridge construction testing (May 2013) and tannerite explosions in spring 2011 and this past summer (no story links for those). Here is a similar story from New York area on that kind of boom.

There was no follow up to the 19th mystery noise. Therefore, I assume the cause remains unknown. It could be any of these or something completely different. But there is zero reason to attribute these booms to catastrophic earth changes or Planet X or any of the other speculative nonsense that some commentators mention.

Tip and extra info: Cecil Lawson

  4 comments for “It’s just the normal noises here: Booming Kentucky, then a quake

  1. Chris Howard
    December 31, 2013 at 8:12 PM

    We saw nothing in Jeffersonville, IN. that night.

    My cousin did come home from Lexington, KY to New Albany, IN around that time! Coincidence? 😉

  2. January 1, 2014 at 10:01 AM

    The same sort of thing happened in March of 2012 in the small town of Clintonville, Wisconsin. Dozens of conspiracies floated around until they found out it was a 1.5 magnitude earthquake.

  3. Chris Howard
    January 2, 2014 at 8:12 AM

    This is a terribly ignorant question, but could any of the recent mid-west activity be caused by the whole Yellowstone super valcano, thingy?

  4. Rebecca
    April 25, 2014 at 12:30 AM

    Fort Knox is nearby. Story goes… They were doing some testing, also bridge construction at Port of Indiana

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