For $2 million, I’d do a MUCH better job of cleaning away “negativity”

Remember when a psychic claimed actress Lindsay Lohan assaulted her in a club? Yeah, turns out she was a piece of work.

Woman says she gave $2 million to psychic who claimed Lindsay Lohan assaulted her – Sun Sentinel.

Stacy Caputo says she gave a South Florida “psychic” more than $2 million over a five-year period and doubts that she will ever get any of that money back.

Caputo said she believed for a long time that the psychic, a woman known as Tiffany Ava Mitchell, was giving the money to God and to charities as part of a mission to clear “negativity” and “bad energy” from Caputo’s life.

Caputo said she was shocked when she saw the woman she knew as “Ava” on a celebrity gossip TV show in November 2012. Mitchell, clasping a Louis Vuitton bag, was surrounded by paparazzi as she accused troubled celebrity Lindsay Lohan of slugging her in a hip nightclub in Manhattan. Police later said video footage revealed no assault.

Because there are no records of money exchange, Caputo (ironic name, eh?) will get no help from the police and can’t file charges. She can, however, if she wants to, hire a private investigator (as mentioned in the story) and pursue civil charges. But for now, she wants the word out there about psychic scams. These scams are nothing new to readers of this site. They seem to happen every day, and yet, people fall for them. Every day. Spread the word. All psychic help is scammy, whether they think they really have powers or not. They don’t.

Inspired by the conviction of Rose Marks earlier this year in a psychic scam trial, Caputo came forward with the story of her $2 million loss. I notice the theme of God being inserted into many psychic ploys, preying on people’s religious beliefs to possibly overcome some hesitation about psychics? Caputo was approached by a woman in a Palm Beach store who said she had a premonition about her, urging her to come in for a psychic reading. As with others, being at a vulnerable place in life, a year later, she obliged and was hooked like a fish for lots of money.

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  1. J
    December 30, 2013 at 10:51 AM

    “Preying on people’s religious beliefs to possibly overcome some hesitation about psychics?”

    Think of it as ‘vicarious control’, feeling that one is associated with a powerful other who exerts control over a situation. So as long as they have that in common, surely He wouldn’t let anything bad happen to either of them. Hence, “We can’t prove that she didn’t give it to God.” which might also somehow count in a consideration of fraud.
    I’d like to know how Caputo found her mark, so to speak. I mean, sure there are a good few wealthy individuals in Florida but ones willing to spend that much on a “psychic”?

  2. Chris Howard
    December 30, 2013 at 12:30 PM

    My questions:

    1) How does one go about giving money to God? Does God have a bank account?

    2) What exactly is “bad” energy? Energy is just that, energy. No?

    3) What is the operational definition of “negative”? Is it objective or subjective negativity?

  3. Jim1950a
    December 31, 2013 at 2:06 AM

    Where did she get $2,000,000? She needs a fiduciary guardian.

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