Eyewitnesses won’t give up on idea of big cat in NSW

Your perception and memory are not really that great.

Blue Mountains panther spotted again.

Weeks after the government declared the Blue Mountains big cat file closed, a Sydney father has spoken of a terrifying encounter with a panther-like creature outside his home.

Peter Russell told NSW Police he feared for his life after being stalked by a large, ”completely foreign” feline predator at Riverstone, on the fringes of dense national park bushland.

It has been sighted at least 12 times in the Riverstone area over recent years. On Thursday, the member for Hawkesbury, Ray Williams, warned the government to ”rethink” its position or face being ”accountable” in the event of a tragedy.

It has been CLAIMED to have been sighted.

This story of a wandering non-native big cat hinges solely on eyewitness accounts. You’ll note in the story, several fallacies such as “reliable people saw it” and “you can’t discount all these sightings”. Yes. Yes you can. Mistakes are made. You need better evidence than anecdotes nothing better than stories are told in this article. Where are the prints? Where is a body?

We’ve covered a number of stories about big cats in Australia. The evidence all told does not point to an actual exotic cat.

Big cats study from Victoria, Australia concludes: “evidence inadequate” | Doubtful News.

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  4 comments for “Eyewitnesses won’t give up on idea of big cat in NSW

  1. Scott
    December 16, 2013 at 4:48 AM

    Yup. it’s funny how these cats seem to live on carrots or something. There’s alway a lack of dead things. Big cats kill, really, it’s a big cat thing. Even before you notice big cats you’ll notice stuff disappearing…you know sheep, cows, kids, other people. In places that have large feline predators the disappearance of things that we might broadly categorise as ‘meat’ is considered a clue. Just saying.

  2. December 16, 2013 at 3:22 PM

    Why is it always portrayed as simply implausible that a big cat could be loose somewhere on this web site? While I think it would be rare for a big cat to get loose and live for a long time in some locations, it’s not like people are claiming they saw Bigfoot or an alien. I find such a knee-jerk response, goes against the scientific reasoning a skeptic should have.

    Once, when I was a child, my friend and I were playing near the basement door. My friend froze in fright,then I saw what he was seeing. We watched as a snake at least six feet long disappeared into a hole leading under the house. We both ran in to tell our Moms what we saw. They both laughed and called us silly children. Their laughter was interrupted by the phone, it was a neighbor asking if we had seen his recently escaped Boa Constrictor. Now, replace the snake with a big cat and an owner who doesn’t want you to know they had the cat because it’s probably a felony.

    • December 16, 2013 at 8:18 PM

      Because all that exists are people’s stories. Eyewitness accounts are NOTORIOUS unreliable. THere is not great evidence that they are out there. When evidence comes to light that there is a lion, black panther, puma, etc. roaming the countryside, then the story changed. But there IS NO EVIDENCE. The skeptical approach is based on evidence. See Media Guide to Skepticism in top menu to see how we apply scientific skepticism.

  3. December 17, 2013 at 6:59 PM

    Hilarious, I actually saw an episode of Giordon Ramsay’s F Word where he got the call his lambs were dead, believed the work of an Alien Big Cat. The height of the fence that was jumped, the injuries to the animals, and the general M.O. of the livestock kill( dogs rip things to shreds, I know from personal experience, these sheep were neatly picked off) screamed big cat. But, I guess we’ll just lump it in with U.F.O.s , psychics and ghosts, because there’s no way some rich British Lord type would ever import an animal that could get loose in the country side. I’ve seen the usual pics of a large dark housecat with poor perspective and a couple that make me wonder if it’s really a big cat. What I don’t do, is automaticall assume it can’t be true and laugh at the people like they just told me Obama is actually a Reptiloid shapeshifter.

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