Errol of the Denton family is quacking in court

Don’t call him “Mr.”

If you haven’t heard of Errol Denton, you should. He’s Grade A quacktastic. Finally, he is being charged in the U.K. for his unsupported, dangerous claims.

Harley Street practitioner claimed he could cure cancer and HIV with lifestyle changes and herbs, court hears – Telegraph.

A Harley Street practitioner claimed he could cure cancer and HIV with “lifestyle changes and herbs”, a court heard.

Errol Denton also advised women not to wear bras as a tip for fending off “acidity” in the breasts, Westminster Magistrates court was told.

He used his personal twitter account to boast: “Cancer, diabetes, HIV, etc etc, all curable without the big pharmaceuticals”, it is alleged.

Further passages on Denton’s website read: “Wake up to the fact that cancer is a disease caused by lifestyle and as such is curable by lifestyle changes and herbs.

“Natural Cancer cures are being suppressed in order to cull population growth.”

The case is a rare prosecution under The Cancer Act 1939, which prohibits advertisements offering to treat or to cure cancer.

Denton is charged with nine counts under the Act.

Errol Denton is a well-known troublemaker who is listed twice on the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority’s list of non-compliant advertisers. He advocates live blood analysis and iridology, both nonsense practices. He claims to have cured cancer, arthritis, Crohn’s disease and the common cold and also claims to have treated royalty. [Source]  Along with harassing his critics with DMCA notices, he has made reports of racism against them, including setting up petitions. Denton is, in sundry other ways, an unpleasant crank. He also has called himself a “Doctor”, hmmmm….

As expected, he is blaming Internet troublemakers for his trial. Faced with prosecution for nine counts of the Cancer Act, he accuses them of being on the take of “big pharma”. He is representing himself in court and appears to be making a fool of himself:

“I’m not ‘Mr’ Errol Denton. I’m Errol of the Denton family, not ‘Mr’, the corporate fiction,” he said.

“I am a living soul, I have inalienable rights. I am here by special invitation”, Denton said.

This doesn’t look like it will work out well for him. He’s a strange bird, that’s for sure.

  3 comments for “Errol of the Denton family is quacking in court

  1. December 12, 2013 at 1:07 PM

    One of his many goofy claims in that article is that the website (which has his name and byline plastered all over it) is actually based in Dubai and therefore the UK court has no jurisdiction. It is true that the domain LIVEBLOODTEST.COM is registered to a firm called “Live Blood Test Consultancy FZE” with a Dubai address. However, the actual server you reach when you go to that website is which is quite firmly inside England. The web server is run by an ISP called Tolranet which has offices in Cornwall, Kent and London.

  2. Dave Newton
    December 13, 2013 at 5:20 AM

    It sounds like he’s trying to use “Freeman of the Land” arguments in his defence. That’s extra “special”.

  3. Manny
    December 13, 2013 at 8:37 AM

    A while ago, this man was running a deal via Groupon for the Live Blood test, and as a sufferer of Crohns disease, I decided to take a punt an try out this so called service. Once I was actually able to get an appointment, I met him in his little office on Harley Street, where he first made me sign something similar to an NDA form, took a dot of my blood, and proceeded to preach how my blood looked like something cancer victims had, and said I should live off a diet of greens. Weirdly whilst doing this so called “consultation”, he was consuming copious amounts of water, and what looked like quinoa.

    Further to this, he tried to flog various vitamins to me, something called ‘Marine’ which essentially looked like a bunch of omega type cod liver capsules, and said I’d need further treatments which I could book there. It is clear that he preys on the insecurities of those that suffer from various ailments and diseases so that he can profit on the back of these consultations, and various dodgy vitamins. I promptly left, knowing this guy was one sandwich short of a picnic, and a crook. As I personally work in close proximity to Harley Street, I’ve seen him on occasion posturing in his car. This ‘doctor’ is a crook, and I sincerely hope he gets what he deserves.

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