Doctors in Tanzania seeing religious beliefs interfering with medical treatment

And the results are deadly.

DailyNews Online Edition – Medical doctors concerned over increased prayer groups healing trend.

MEDICAL practitioners in the country have expressed their concern on increasing trends where religious sects are interfering in their profession that is causing delays in the treatment of patients.

[…]the Tanzania Charitable Hospitals Trust Fund Director General, Dr Jerome Mkiramweni said that as a medical practitioner he was aware of the role religion and faith plays in building a personʼs personality, but the current trends were going too far.

Dr Mkiramweni said that evidence from daily practice was showing that there were some sects today that have gone as far as claiming to be able to resurrect humans, while others forbade transfusion opting to die because of the belief that they will go to heaven.

Dr Mkiramweni advocated for an in-depth research to be conducted to know the extent of this growing trend and how it is causing delays in the treatment of patients in the country and how it is threatening the medical profession.

One quoted doctor fears that people opting for prayer groups before seeking medical care means that the disease progresses making it harder to treat. Costs and complications increased for conditions such as pregnancy and child birth. One doctor noted he lost at least one patient to malaria as conventional treatment was discontinued. It’s possible that people are becoming disenchanted or untrusting of medicine and turning to prayer instead. This will not be an easy fix.

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  1. Chris Howard
    December 2, 2013 at 7:56 PM

    Religious belief, in general, worldwide is interfering with medical treatment.

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