Baby belief: Mother needs help for false pregnancy syndrome

I guess they meant well. Oops.

Doctors perform emergency C-section, find no baby.

Concerned that they were unable to detect a baby’s heartbeat, doctors in Brazil performed an emergency C-section on the mother — only to discover that she wasn’t in fact pregnant.

Doctors say the 37-year-old patient arrived at the hospital with what she said was proof of her prenatal care and was “showing” with a protruded belly and complaining of sharp pains.

When doctors examined the patient using a stethoscope to detect the baby’s heartbeat, they heard nothing.

The attending physician determined there was no time to do an ultrasound and the woman was sent directly to the emergency room in an attempt to save the unborn child’s life.

The hospital’s director says this is actually the second time this year that a woman has turned out to not be pregnant despite insisting otherwise.

The woman was/is suffering from pseudocyesis, a psychological state where you imagine to be pregnant and shows symptoms of being pregnant like stop menstruating. Some even get a bump on their stomach.

And this was the second “pregnancy” this woman had had in the last year. Seems like the woman is rather desperate to get pregnant. The woman has been sent to get psychatric help dealing with her pseudocyesis.

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  1. January 1, 2014 at 3:21 AM

    False pregnancy was a big thing with alien abduction claimants, in the form of stolen hybrid fetuses. The pregnancies were believed for a while, passing the “It must be true because who the heck would make that up?” test, but physicians eventually exposed it as a delusion (Dr. Richard Neal did so in UFO Magazine in the early ’90s, Dr. Tyler Kokjohn is doing it now).

    Serious UFO people pretend none of that ever happened, vainly hoping no one ever brings it up again.

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