Glued to the toilet seat? (Revised)

Edited: I don’t know that the police had enough evidence to say the woman did this herself and it was irresponsible to say so.

I saw this story yesterday and avoided it because it was weird. It is now suspected to be a prank but for a while the police said the woman hoaxed this. I don’t have a clue if anyone knows enough to say for sure.

Ga. police suspect woman glued self to store toilet seat | The Augusta Chronicle.

A woman who was glued to a toilet seat in a Banks Crossing shopping center store at Thanksgiving may have glued herself, Banks County Sheriff’s investigators now suspect.

Investigators reviewed video footage and no one else entered the bathroom in a reasonable amount of time to have done it, Deputy Sheriff Carissa McFaddin said Friday. “There is no evidence to show that someone did it besides who was in there.”

Emergency services had to be called to rescue her and a bottle of Loctite GO2 glue which was described as a construction-grade super glue, was found in the restroom. It had been placed on three toilet seats. Wouldn’t they have seen her carrying the glue in there? Of course the main question is “WHY?” It’s a mean prank but to do it to yourself? The story evolved as it hit mainstream news.

Georgia woman glued to Home Depot toilet seat in ugly prank | The Raw Story.

Now it looks like they are investigating and have pulled back on the hoax story. It’s so difficult to make heads or tails out of news anymore.

The person or persons responsible for the prank have not been identified. A spokesperson for Home Depot told WSB it has left voice messages for her and sent a letter in the wake of the incident. A third party company is now reportedly addressing De La Keur’s case.

This is not a new prank. April Fools’ joker leaves man glued to Wal-Mart toilet; cops, medics pull man off john, seat and all – NY Daily News.

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  1. December 9, 2013 at 3:21 PM

    I don’t know anyone who does not look at a public toilet seat prior to sitting on it. Either you are unconcerned about cleanliness, or how in the world do you not notice a bead of anything on a toilet seat?
    Or are my friends and I just that much more cautious than other people?

  2. December 10, 2013 at 8:27 AM

    I would never glue myself to a toilet seat unless I had at least three good books with me.

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