Alternative cancer treatment doctor whacked with $25K fine in Australia

Patients must agree that they understand there is NO SCIENTIFIC BASIS for this stuff. I suspect they will still seek his services.

$25k fine for GP who claimed to cure cancer with herbs – Medical Observer.

A GP who claimed he could cure cancer with green tea extracts and a special diet has been fined $25,000, and his patients forced to read a consent form if they are to be treated by him.

Perth-based Dr William Barnes admitted to advertising on a website that his “non toxic herbal and nutritional treatment” was an “alternative treatment for cancer”, the Medical Board of Australia said in orders made in October. The matter was resolved by consent, and the judgement provided to MO by the board.

“At all times while the advertisement was maintained… neither the treatment alone or in combination was recognised by competent medical practitioners or oncologists as proper or effective treatment for cancer,” the board said.

“There was no sound scientific basis upon which the respondent could truthfully represent to patients, prospective patients and members of the public the claim that the treatment could cure cancer.”

Dr. Barnes claimed he could cure cancer with a wide array of different things, such as green tea polyphenols, vitamin C, genistein from soy beans, selenium and my personal favorite “anti-cancer herbs” (whatever those are) to name a few. He also used bogus hair analysis.

The Medical Board of Australia found that the misleading ad could put cancer patients at risk for delaying or even refusing proper medical care.

Australia seems to be steps ahead of other countries in calling attention to anti-science nonsense. I hope this spreads.

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  2 comments for “Alternative cancer treatment doctor whacked with $25K fine in Australia

  1. WMcCreery
    December 6, 2013 at 8:33 PM

    Finally! We need this kind of response in the US!

  2. Andrew
    December 9, 2013 at 6:53 PM

    I am from Oz. The AMA here has some good powers in keeping the quacks down.
    Now, if they could only get rid of the aromatherapy, reiki waving, crystal loving, “all natural” fallacy pushing, homeopathic taking, non-science, anti-vaxer’s, then we would be set! 😀

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