23 yr old woman killed during ‘healing’ exorcism in Yemen

Not much info in this piece but a religious “healer” killed a woman while attempting an exorcism for her “psychological” problems.

Healer means something different in my mind…

Quran ‘healer’ kills patient in Yemen | GulfNews.com.

Police in Yemen arrested a Quran “healer” who allegedly cures spiritual and physical diseases by reciting verses from the Quran, after the death of a patient in northern city of Ibb, a local newspaper reported on Sunday.

Al Oula daily said that the relatives of a 23-year old woman brought her to the spiritual doctor saying she suffered from psychological problems. The husband of the newly-wedded woman said that the healer told them that she was suffering from a demonic possession and magic and that he had to use forces to treat her.

So, newly married, she must have been under tremendous stress. There is no way to tell from this piece what if any psychological problems she had. The article notes that in poor areas, healers such as this are common and claim they can treat people who suffer from even mental illness. Obviously, they are unqualified to judge or treat the person.

This story reminded me of another similar tragedy. Family guilty of killing pregnant woman they believed was possessed. This was also a Muslim family who believed in possession by djinn.

Exorcism tragedies: Not just Catholics anymore.

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  1. Lagaya1
    December 27, 2013 at 3:12 PM

    Likely her “illness” was being disobedient.

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