You may wish to avoid Wisconsin hospitals

When health care workers avoid logical preventative health care, they picked the wrong profession.

Flu shot or fired? Bill prohibits vaccine mandates at work.

The state committee on health heard arguments from both sides of a bill that would prevent a boss from requiring workers to get a flu shot.

Rep. Jeremy Theisfeldt wrote Assembly Bill 247 after he said a hospital employee lost her job over flu shot mandates.

A number of healthcare providers spoke out against the bill, saying the requirement is there to protect patients who might be most vulnerable to serious flu-induced conditions.

Dr. James Conway with UW Health went as far to say that the bill was a major step backward in public health.

Dave Smith and Bruce Van Clieve with Aurora Healthcare explained there are exceptions to their company’s flu shot mandate, such as religious reasons or a doctor’s note proving the vaccination could harm an employee’s health. However, they said their policy is an important part of keeping their patients healthy.

If passed, the bill would also make it illegal for healthcare employers to require face masks in the workplace.

The Representative said: “I’m standing for the freedom of individuals to be able to reasonably determine their own healthcare and not to have sacrificed their livelihood to do so.” I guess he stands AGAINST the sick patients in the hospital who have little choice to be there and can DIE from your constituent’s ignorance about health care choices.

Not only is this bill backed by misinformation “vaccines contain poison”, but I seriously would not want health care providers who do not take their patients best interest into account to be working in this profession. They need to get out, they are a menace. This is more about vaccinations – it is about people who may be unqualified for their very important jobs.

Exhibit A:

Hi; my name is Paul Offit, and I’m talking to you today from the Division of Infectious Diseases at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. What I’d like to talk about is our experience last year with influenza vaccine, because we took an unusual step. We actually mandated the vaccine, not only for healthcare workers, but for all employees, and the deal was that if you didn’t want to get the vaccine, you had 2 weeks of unpaid leave to think about it. If you still didn’t want to get the vaccine, then you were asked to step down from your position.

Of the more than 9000 employees in our hospital, only a few chose to lose their jobs over this request. We did it for the obvious reasons. Certain facts about influenza are clear. Every year, some children with influenza virus come into our hospital, and every year some children come into our hospital who don’t have influenza, but who catch it from either a healthcare provider or other employee in our hospital. Hospitals that have higher rates of immunization have lower rates of nosocomial infection, and we wanted to be 1 of those hospitals.

A couple of years ago, a child who had cancer came into our hospital who didn’t have influenza. She caught influenza while here and then died from that disease. This is not unusual.

In Rhode Island, if the workers refused the shot, they were required to wear masks. This Wisconsin bill would seriously place patients at a huge risk by eliminating both.

What’s next? Don’t wash your hands? This is STUPIDITY. You are not allowed freedoms when they interfere with others’ well being. Like — DEATH.

Remind me never to live in Wisconsin.

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  1. spookyparadigm
    November 14, 2013 at 6:17 PM

    I know the inaccurate meme that antivax is somehow a liberal thing will continue to be passed around, but this story should help diminish that.

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