We’re taking a little trip, Mom

Some people don’t believe me when I note that the trend is that all problems can be solved through exorcism. Here is another misguided example.

Father, son accused of kidnapping mom ‘possessed by demons’ | WTVR.com.

A California father and son are facing charges after they allegedly kidnapped a woman so priests could perform an exorcism.

Deputies said the man and his son took his ex-wife against her will from a Walmart parking lot Saturday morning after they said she had undergone some drastic changes recently. The pair said they believed demons were to blame for the changes.

According to a police report, the priests doused her with “sacred oils” and “purified her” through a religious ritual. Deputies said the woman was not tortured.

Both the father and son are in jail on suspicion of kidnapping, false imprisonment and conspiracy to commit a crime.

For some reason, when people lose control of a situation, some resort to blaming demons and the Devil himself. The drastic changes noted were not detailed, but people change, like it or not. Who did they think they were to make this announcement that she was possessed and abduct her? That’s a jailin’.

Tip: David Bloomberg

UPDATE: (14-Nov) No charges filed.

  2 comments for “We’re taking a little trip, Mom

  1. brewhogg
    November 13, 2013 at 1:53 PM

    Charge the priest with kidnapping, too. Or at least charge the priest as an accessory to kidnapping. If the priest was a drug dealer and two people brought a kidnapping victim to the drug dealer’s house the drug dealer would face criminal charges. It shouldn’t make a difference just because he is a priest.

  2. Chris Howard
    November 14, 2013 at 12:38 AM

    Perhaps the father and son have been possessed by demons, and the mother remained the same, but they were the ones who changed!?!

    Is there a specific demon that makes people believe that they are doing something good, when in reality they are doing something evil? Beelzebubba?

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