Snake-head flavored green beans

Yeah, not something you’d like to find though it gets you in the newspaper.

A snake head in the green beans? ‘I gagged and screamed’.

[...] on Thursday evening, there was an uninvited dinner guest. When Misty went to pour the green bag of frozen Kroger-brand green beans into the pan, she found a severed snake head.

Thankfully no one ate the snake. Moser immediately called the Oak Grove Fred Meyer where she purchased the green beans.

She said an employee offered her a $15 store credit. Moser felt like that wasn’t enough so she pressed further and was told to speak with the claims department. But she still feels like the store did not take her concerns seriously.

Only $15?!? Holy crap, no wonder she went to the press. Of course the grocery should contact that packaging company. It was not the store’s fault.

If any of our readers have any updates to this story or ideas of how a snake head would have gotten into packaged green beans, please add them in the comments below. I’m a bit amazed at that one. Where is the rest of the snake? And YUCK!!!

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Photo credit:Misty Moser

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  1. November 26, 2013 at 1:32 PM

    Fred Meyer/Kroger did not grow or package the beans. They are not at fault. I think an offer of $15 was very generous. If she wants to extort someone, it should be the supplier.

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