‘San Antonio 4’ women freed as eyewitness testimony claim crumbled

Movement had finally occurred in this notorious false memory case.

‘San Antonio 4’ conviction overturned, three women to be freed | www.statesman.com.

The remaining three of four San Antonio women imprisoned for sexually assaulting two girls in 1994 have been freed after a judge agreed that their convictions were tainted by faulty witness testimony.

Elizabeth Ramirez, Kristie Mayhugh and Cassandra Rivera were released on bond Monday after a judge decided to recommend that an appeals court vacate their 1998 convictions. They were convicted of assaulting two of Ramirez’s nieces, ages 7 and 9, in successive attacks during a week in 1994. The girls testified that the women held them by their wrists and ankles, attacked them and threatened to kill them.

It was more than a decade until their case was noted by the Innocence Project of Texas, which investigates potential wrongful conviction cases. Two years later, petitions were filed on their behalf with the court of appeals after the witness recanted her story. Their convictions will be vacated but that is not an official pronouncement of innocence. They will not be retried.

It’s a great relief but nothing can undo the years lost thanks to faulty eyewitness testimony – a most unreliable form of evidence.

More on this story is here from September 2012 when hope was brightened for the women in jail.

  2 comments for “‘San Antonio 4’ women freed as eyewitness testimony claim crumbled

  1. Tom
    November 21, 2013 at 2:11 PM

    “Faulty eyewitness testimony” is this legal jargon for ‘We’re not going to admit it, but we really fouled up when we believed preposterous lies told by two children, but we want to stop you women suing us for wrongful imprisonment so you should be grateful and forget it’
    I sincerely hope that the women can, in some way, obtain justice

  2. November 21, 2013 at 4:52 PM

    Complete BS. The state will grudgingly let you free after 20 years when they decide that you didn’t actually commit a crime, but, it won’t go through the effort to vacate your verdict and officially pronounce you Not Guilty. Smurf you, you go sit in prison for two decades in prison as a child molester and tell me it’s too much effort or money to do that.

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