Finally the end of AVN?

We’ve followed the buffoonery of the AVN or Australian Vaccination Network (uh, formerly known as…). Is this the end as their appeal fails and their equipment is sold off?

The Department of Fair Trading via the Minister for Fair Trading demanded that the Australian Vaccination Network change its name. Their appeals ruling came today. Read the details at Token Skeptic:

THE RULING IS IN – Australian Vaccination Network Must Choose New Name – NSW Department Of Finance & Services.

The ruling was affirmed and the order for the new name, one that reflects their anti-vax stance, still stands:

Since they’ve also sent out a newsletter recently selling off office equipment and old magazines, it may finally be the end of what is now no longer the AVN… stay tuned.

Will we hear more from “That Meryl”? Who knows. But this is good news when a misinformation org gets closed down. Skeptic advocates and those for children’s health have much to celebrate. Now, if we can only do the same in the U.S. with the NVIC (National Vaccine [mis] Information Center).

More: Anti-vaccination group forced to change name.

NSW Fair Trading Minister Anthony Roberts welcomed the result.

“This is about being open and upfront about what you stand for, not hiding behind a name which could mislead the community about a very significant public health issue,” he said. “The time has come for AVN to find a name which reflects its anti-vaccination stance.”

It is expected they will come up with a different name – but the sentiment is still the same and the core of their cause has been gutted.

  2 comments for “Finally the end of AVN?

  1. November 24, 2013 at 8:41 PM

    Brilliant. The Stop AVN group has put a lot of effort into combating the AVN crowd. Good on ’em.

  2. Peta
    December 1, 2013 at 8:43 PM

    Yes! One can only hope that the erstwhile AVN don’t come back reinvigorated & in full-throttle now that they have even more “reason” to consider themselves to be the martyred victims of Oppression by nasty ‘Ole Big Government “responding to a large number of complaints from a small group”. Pfft!

    Apologies for the belated comment.

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