Chimaera fish photo stirs interest

A strange looking mystery fish is identified.

Arctic mystery fish identified – North – CBC News

A University of Windsor researcher has identified a strange fish caught recently in Nunavut waters.

Nigel Hussey, a researcher who works with the Ocean Tracking Network, says the fish some speculated was a goblin shark is actually the mysterious “long-nosed chimaera” — mysterious because they’re rarely caught.

The fish was caught by a Nunavut fishing boat, somewhere in Davis Strait. A photo of the creature went viral, after it was posted online.​

I did not see this go “viral”, apparently it was posted on Facebook. But people do love to post photos of weird things on Facebook or forums and they do spread as some “mutant” or “new species” as we often see. It is nice when someone knowledgeable takes a look and can identify it. Usually, it’s very odd looking and people aren’t used to seeing sea creatures that may live in deeper waters or are rare. Nature is weird but very cool.

There are eight species in three genera of Rhinochimaeridae, also known as spookfish. They are related to sharks and rays. This particular kind of chimaera fish has a long snout loaded with sensitive nerve endings. They are not normally found in Arctic waters. It was originally suspected to be a rare goblin shark but the morphology is different.

Long nosed chimaera (Rhinochimaeridae)

Long nosed chimaera (Rhinochimaeridae)

Pacific spookfish

Pacific spookfish

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