Baby found alive just prior to cremation

“It’s alive!” yelled the funeral worker.

Baby deemed dead found alive in China funeral home.

A funeral home discovered a baby was alive two days after he was pronounced dead at a hospital in eastern China.

Authorities revoked the license of the doctor who mistakenly declared the newborn boy dead, the health department in Anhui province said. The statement it issued Thursday said funeral home workers found the boy to be alive on Wednesday, two days after he was pronounced dead at a provincial Children’s Hospital.

The department said the boy has severe deformities and the hospital treated him until Monday, when his condition deteriorated.

The baby boy is still in critical condition. The doctor has been ruled to have been negligent and the hospital has been criticized for having a chaotic infant ward.

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Media reports in China said that staff told his parents he was very sick and they reportedly signed papers on November 12th agreeing to stop treatment.

They then left the child in the care of the Anhui Provincial Children’s Hospital.

Doctors are unable to explain how such a near-tragedy could have occurred, but have suggested a phenomenon known as “apparent death”, reports China’s Xinhua News Agency.

“This rarely happens. There was no breath, or pulse and the body was cold,” said one investigator.

This is also known as the Lazarus phenomenon. There have been many cases where there was seemingly no pulse or breathing but it resumed shortly after, typically within minutes. It is difficult to say when the baby regained a pulse or perhaps it was never lost to begin with. The unnamed baby was issued a death certificate  and taken for cremation at Hefei Municipal Funeral Parlour.  Were his vital signs too feeble to detect, or was this was the result of incompetence of the doctor and staff.