TV psychic in U.K. guilty of fraud

Honestly this old joke comes up EVERY SINGLE TIME.

TV psychic failed to predict court appearance over unpaid debts (From The Northern Echo).

A TELEVISION psychic’s personal assistant was left feline (sic) pretty sick when he was asked to cat-sit for a few days – and his lying boss never returned.

Convicted fraudster Mitchell – who also uses the names Jools Marquiss, Izzy Mitchell and Fran Willows – left County Durham but was traced to Hertfordshire.

In the meantime, her newly-appointed assistant was £455 out-of-pocket in unpaid wages and the money he had to fork out for cat food, a court was told.

The debts she left behind in Shildon included £254 owed to a newsagents for magazines and newspapers and £1,000 to a builder for gardening work.

Mitchell made a number of excuses for not paying the builder for his two days work before leaving the North-East and him “out-of-pocket and aggrieved”.

She claimed to have many celebrity clients – as if somehow that gives her credibility. Mitchell is not new to convictions having charges across decades for stealing.

Mitchell was found guilty of three of these fraud charges and given a three-month prison sentence, suspended for two years.

The other typical things you will hear in similar stories is that psychics can’t predict things for themselves. Or, just because she did this does not negate the times she was correct with her powers. Or that not all psychics are frauds. Yada, Yada, Yada. But some are and that option must be considered. Nothing tarnishes a psychic business like the word “fraud”.