Smoke ring in Florida ends up being unmysterious

Not insect swarm, exhaust fumes from a UFO, electrical explosion or construction accident.

Pinellas smoke ring mystery solved |

Some thought it was a UFO. Others thought something had blown up.

“It was really black, like a perfect oval,” said Mike Quillen, who felt it before he saw it.

When Quillen stepped outside, he saw a huge black smoke ring rising slowly.

He thought it might be from an electrical transformer blowing up, but we checked with the power company and they told us that it wasn’t anything having to do with them.

Lots of people sent similar pictures in to 10 News — many from different angles, but clearly the same image. Cecilia Walker took a couple of camera shots of her own, thinking maybe it was bats or a swarm of bees the way it was shifting.

It was a fireball of gasoline and diesel fuel created by a huge mortar. The pyrotechnics were being tested for a fireworks display at an upcoming family celebration.


Photo credit: Vicky Britton

Photo credit: Vicky Britton

You would think that with the connectivity we have these days that something like this would be quickly explained. But remember the next time you see something weird in the sky, it could be something completely rare but normal.

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  1. Paul Robinson
    October 25, 2013 at 6:19 PM

    Umm Florida, rocket launch sites, military ranges, mystery, where?

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