Psychic Sylvia Mitchell found guilty

MORE good news against psychic frauds! Mitchell’s trial ends.

Psychic Found Guilty of Stealing $138,000 From Clients –

A jury found a Manhattan psychic guilty on Friday of swindling two women out of $138,000 in a case that probed the fine distinction between providing an unusual service and running a confidence scheme.

The fortune teller, Sylvia Mitchell, 39, who plied her trade at the opulent Zena Clairvoyant psychic shop on Seventh Avenue South in Greenwich Village, scowled as the verdict was read, reaching up only once to dab an eye.

“She was clearly robbing these people in a heinous way,” the juror said.

She was sent to jail by the judge and will faces up to 15 years there when she is sentenced on Oct. 29. The jury found her guilty on 10 counts of grand larceny and one count of scheme to defraud, not guilty on five other grand larceny counts.

Mitchell used the popular scam of taking large sums of money from her clients in order to remove curses. The defense argued that the clients received their service they paid for. Mitchell did not testify.

This big conviction follows the HUGE conviction of Rose Marks for essentially the same ploy. And, additional counts for her family. Is this the sunset of the psychic fraudsters? I doubt it. They will always be around but I’m certainly pleased to see these outcomes.

Note: Not to be confused with this Sylvia Mitchell, psychic fraudster, in the U.K.  Is “Sylvia” the default psychic name?

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