Lucrative psychic ring busted in Moscow

I do like these stories but there needs to be MANY more busts.

Police Bust Moscow Psychic Ring | News | The Moscow Times.

Police in Moscow have rounded up a gang of would-be psychics that earned around 200 million rubles ($6.3 million) by offering to solve people’s personal problems through magic, police said Wednesday.

Eleven people have been detained in a series of 15 police raids in which computers, documents, and client lists were seized.

Police said the suspects, who are being charged with fraud, told clients they would solve family and personal problems remotely through a series of magical seances.

Further investigations are being undertaken to ascertain if more people were involved in the ring.

The would-be psychics could face up to 10 years in jail.

Psychics have a long history in Russia.
Secrets of a Russian Psychic.
Let’s hope this international ring going under is the beginning of the end.

  2 comments for “Lucrative psychic ring busted in Moscow

  1. ZombyWoof
    October 24, 2013 at 11:54 AM

    The same old joke “The psychics never saw that coming”.

  2. October 28, 2013 at 3:55 AM

    My mum saw a psychic a couple of years ago. She thinks it’s complete crap, but her best friend had already paid for the session, and with the “no refunds” policy, she just went anyway. The psychic did actually make some pretty accurate claims:

    1. We’d be moving to Australia very soon (our visas had just been granted)

    2. The eldest son (me) was likely to be doing it part independently and would be fine (I got my own visa, where the rest of my family went out on my dad’s and I was then granted a better visa after, luckily, securing a good job)

    3. My brother was sporty, and would end up either in the states or Canada studying under a scholarship (he ended up in Denver in the US on a tennis scholarship, but dropped out after three months and came back to Oz)

    There were a bunch of other things that the psychic got blatantly wrong, but it was still a little impressive. Then, I learned my mum’s best friend had been going to this psychic every month for a year. My mum’s friend knew the whole ins and outs of our move to Oz, including my brother planning to possibly get into the states on a tennis scholarship. It all made sense then. The psychic had ample opportunity to record the sessions where she got information out of my mum’s best friend on other people around her, just in case a situation like this arose.

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