Exorcism… Yada yada yada

A topic that really yanks my chain – exorcists.

Exorcism: It hasn’t gone away you know. | Irish Examiner.

Exorcists have always been recognised by the Catholic Church and an updated rite has been put in place, with regular courses for priests, in Rome.

And since the last papacy, under Benedict XVI, the rest of the world has noticed the increased interest of the Catholic hierarchy in the ancient ritual of exorcism.

During his term, Benedict was reported to have frequently welcomed exorcists from across the globe at special audiences in the Vatican.

But his successor, Pope Francis, raised their profile even further last May, when images were beamed across the world appearing to show him carrying out an exorcism on a young man with a disability, in St Peter’s Square.

Here is the story of the Pope’s exorcism kerfuffle. And the sequel: “Demons” still possess man blessed by Pope Francis.

Yes, exorcism is a thing again. That is disturbing. I’m not clear why but the demon excuse is being used more and more by paranormal groups as the cause of seemingly troublesome activity. Movies like The Conjuring glorify the ridiculous “demonology” tag team of Ed and Lorraine Warren. More and more people are calling themselves demonologists and performing these pre-enlightenment rituals. I’m waiting for the lawsuit against some team to come soon.

With the anniversary of The Exorcist, people are again reminded of scary tales of possession.

‘First the devil fought’: Exorcism interests a new generation : Entertainment.

If you look behind the exorcism stories, they are FAR less impressive than the fictionalized versions. Demons are not so hot when it comes to their actual real life performances. I’m at a loss to comprehend why, in modern times, people still buy into demonic possession when we KNOW that brain circuitry can go fantastically wrong and people suffer from serious mental illnesses that appear to be demonic but are organic. Don’t even tell me that while most are illness, a small percentage are real demons. Demons have never been documented to exist. Superstition, however, is alive and well.

Catholic Church inundated with exorcism requests; sets up phone-in advice line | Doubtful News.

People DIE at the hands of overly enthusiastic exorcists.


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  1. October 25, 2013 at 2:08 PM

    When the Exorcist first came out I was living in the Philippines. I don’t know if this happened in other countries, but Catholicism is widespread there, and outside the movie theatres there were large posters and sidewalk signs with images from the movie plus a photo of and quotation from the Pope about the devil being real. It was very effective propaganda, I think some watched the movie as a documentary rather than fiction.

  2. Brian
    October 26, 2013 at 7:48 AM

    Demons will be real as long as it gets the church money and power.

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