Body parts for ‘muti’ taken from hospital morgue

We found this link on the What’s The Harm feed. What’s the harm in traditional meds? People steal dead body parts from morgues to use in rituals.

‘It’s R1 000 for a human brain’.

An extensive black market in human body parts has been uncovered in Swaziland’s second-largest hospital.

Demand is strong in the country for human ingredients for use in traditional potions. Even the water used to wash corpses in the hospital mortuary is being sold to traditional healers.

A human brain costs R1 000. Other parts, from internal organs to body fat, fetch from R400 to R1 000.

Body parts are roasted and pulverised into an ash, and mixed with herbs for a potion that is either drunk, ingested or in some cases rubbed into the blood through a razor cut to the skin. The user is then endowed with supernatural power, according to belief.

This type of medicine that has a “miraculous” effect is called “muti“. In some cases, people are KILLED for their parts used in muti. This option is better but the problem is the core belief that this form of witchcraft is valuable and, as such, its use continues.

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  1 comment for “Body parts for ‘muti’ taken from hospital morgue

  1. neko
    October 7, 2013 at 12:29 PM

    I can’t see paying that much for another brain when you clearly have one you aren’t using.

    One interesting point to me though, if they are taking huge risks for body parts, the beliefs of the muti practitioners are probably sincere. A fake might simply use a gelatin substitute for a brain, for example, on his dupes. Less risk if caught.

    I’m assuming they aren’t serial killers or emotionally motivated ghouls on top of everything else.

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