Another psychic life coach on trial for swindling

In an update to this story about the arrest and re-arrest of psychic Sylvia Mitchell, her trial has begun.

NYC Psychic on Trial on Charges of Conning Clients – ABC News.

The case, one of several prosecutions of fortune-tellers in recent years, probes at the line between selling a service, however unusual, and preying on hopes.

“This case is not about whether you believe in psychics,” Mitchell’s lawyer, William Aronwald, told jurors in an opening statement. The two women hired Mitchell to help them try to change their lives, and there’s no evidence “that she did not provide the services that she was contracted to provide,” he said.

But prosecutors say Mitchell, 39, seized on despair to peddle false promises of personal transformation. She could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted of the top charge against her.

Sounds vaguely familiar to the Marks ploy. That didn’t work in Florida. Will it work for Mitchell?

And look out, Present Day Life Causes Demand for Psychic Help to Soar. According to this press release, which is no surprise, people are turning to psychics and opening themselves up to be scammed.

There are many elements of current every day life that have greatly increased the demand for people to seek help from psychics.

This has led to an upsurge for psychic help, and psychics are a great way to seek advice for anything that is troubling you, meaning nobody need worry alone.

The fact that it is now so easy to communicate with them has led to a growth in people seeking their help for almost any purpose.

Professional psychics are caring, helpful and relish the fact that they are capable of helping other human beings when they are at there lowest ebb.

That was a press release. It even said “now a days” psychics are very accessible. Indeed. This was a commercial that advertised psychics with no more power than your neighbor. Need life coaching? Pay me $50 an hour and I’ll give you rational advice and you won’t feel scammed afterwards.

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  1. ZombyWoof
    October 7, 2013 at 2:17 PM

    I always thought of the “life Coach” thing as a scam anyway.

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