Tacky egg ritual convinced people of evil spirits, gave psychic their money

Two victims, initially embarrassed about falling for the psychic scam, eventually came forward.

Police: Manitowoc ‘psychic’ scams two victims out of $35,000 | Herald Times Reporter | htrnews.com.

Police in Wisconsin arrested a 37-year-old Manitowoc woman after she allegedly scammed two residents out of about $35,000 with psychic services. She will be charged with two felony counts of theft by fraud and seven counts of forgery.

Back in October of last year, police received a complaint about the psychic but didn’t have enough to make a case.

“[the victim] claims she performed an egg ritual on him in which she stood behind him and rubbed an egg on his back and then cracked open the egg in a bowl and a bunch of worms were inside of it. Those were the evil spirits that come out of him (she told the man),” he said.

The psychic told him she needed $12,000 to perform more rituals to rid him of these evil spirits and the man gave her about $23,000 total, Stone said. When he complained to her, she returned a small portion of his money and then cut off all contact, he said.

The psychic denied wrongdoing and there was not enough to move forward with charges until…

[A] 63-year-old rural Manitowoc woman contacted police with a complaint about the psychic.

The woman began seeking spiritual guidance from the psychic in May. According to the victim’s account, the psychic performed an egg ritual that she said revealed a demon from the woman’s ex-husband from two lives ago. This demon, she claimed, got into the woman’s daughter and was causing negativity in the woman, Stone said.

She also demanded $12,000 to remove the evil spirits and then kept the woman’s credit cards, using her signature to rack up personal charges.

Why people fall for this nonsense is beyond me since these stories come up nearly every day. When every other psychic is a fraud, trust NONE of them, even if you believe there is such a gift (which there isn’t). Lots of frauds have yet to be caught.

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  1. September 7, 2013 at 2:06 PM

    Had the psychic only claimed to be a priest of some obscure religion and the whole thing a sacred ritual it would have been perfectly legal.

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