Remains of the weekend 14-15 Sept 2013

It was a rather tame weekend for weird news. People sent me lots of stuff but it wasn’t recent or I just had no comment on it. So, keep sending stories, it’s nothing personal that I don’t post them but I steer clear of atheism or bad religion stories unless they are related to stepping on science in the process. But there were two leftovers. One very sad and the other very silly.

Narendra Dabholkar | The Economist.

Potato shaped like a duck in Shropshire vegetable patch « Shropshire Star.

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  1. September 16, 2013 at 8:19 AM

    The last paragraph of the article on Dr. Dahbolkar’s was good:

    “Naturally, he was also dedicated to non-violence. His critics accused him of wanting to destroy all religion; but even its idols he treated with respect. There was no other way, he said. In this, as in human rationality, he had unshakeable belief. His enemies did not.”

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