Remains of Friday 13 Sept 2013

Good evening for these last hours of Friday the 13th from one of most NON-superstitious sites on the web. It was a busy day!

Why Does Friday the 13th Scare Us So Much? [Not me! Bring it on!]

13 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Friday the 13th : Discovery News.

On Friday the 13th, a ‘nurse’ with a cure for superstition.

Helium balloons lift aviator Jonathan Trappe Up for transatlantic trip | World news | The Guardian.
Update: Balloonist’s attempt to cross Atlantic ends after only 12 hours – Telegraph.

Ig Nobel Prizes: A Duck-Gnawed Penis & Dung Beetles Steal the Show | LiveScience.

Dolphin intelligence researcher did not say that dolphins aren’t intelligent as Daily Mail, Sunday Times claim « Southern Fried Science.

Texas creationists: Textbook reviewers want more religion in their science..

Six really stupid 9/11 conspiracies debunked in about six seconds |

Missing alligator found by owner in Scandia |

U.S. Science Laureate Bill Hits Roadblock | Science/AAAS | News.

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  1 comment for “Remains of Friday 13 Sept 2013

  1. Chris Howard
    September 14, 2013 at 12:15 AM

    To be accurate Texas wants Christianity in their science texts.

    When these same people talk about prayer at high school football games they claim that they aren’t invoking any specific God. Then further say “What’s the harm of a little prayer?”

    When I suggest that we get a big wheel, like the one on Wheel of Fortune, and paste all the worlds religions on it, and spin it then pray to what ever religions God it lands on they all protest, and become very upset.

    I guarantee that those people on the school boards in Texas would never allow a mention of Islam, Judiasm, Buddhism or any other religion other than Christianity in those text books.

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