Dowsing for electrosmog. Yes, this story is THAT absurd.

Pepijn van Erp from The Netherlands tells us about a school that REALLY needs some schooling after they consult a dowser to clean up a school of… Well, it’s just ridiculous. Read on.

Dutch School Hires Dowser to Clean up Electrosmog » Pepijn van Erp.

The Sacred Heart School in Lemelerveld (a primary school in a city in the East of the Netherlands ) thinks there might be a health problem with electromagnetic fields in its class rooms. Possibly negative radiation can harm the health of pupils and teachers, the school told local TV station RTV Oost. To get rid of this electrosmog they hired a local dowser, a man named Henri Berends, who is also working as electrician. During school holidays he successfully ‘cleaned’ the school. Head of the school, Mariette Eilert, told the reporter that she really notices a difference: pupils don’t complain about headaches as soon as before the clean-up.

The school officials cited whiteboards and wireless devices that emit EMFs. Yes. Yes they do. So does everything else around you. That was possibly what was causing the headaches. So, lots of people have headaches during the day. They are sitting in a room, trying to concentrate, perhaps hungry and stressed, attempting to listen or talk or read. No, it’s the EMFs that cause headaches.

This story is profoundly stupid. What did the dowser DO with the electrosmog? Where did it go? Can you even measure such a thing (not with dowsing rods)? Why won’t turning the equipment back on just bring back all the negative radiation. This action by the school makes no sense. Why not call a witch doctor in next time? See if the results are the same. Silly…

Check out the main link to get to the original news stories in Dutch. And find out more about how you can be duped by these nonsense claims.

  2 comments for “Dowsing for electrosmog. Yes, this story is THAT absurd.

  1. Andrew Riggs
    September 14, 2013 at 5:37 PM

    While I have no idea how one “dowses” for it short of using an emf detector, high levels of background electromagnetic radiation can cause headaches. I used to get them whenever I had to spend very long the engineering rooms at a TV station I used to work at. From Just a wireless router though? You would have to be very sensitive and sitting right next to it.

  2. Jeff Tucker
    September 19, 2013 at 3:56 AM

    Andrew, I suspect you got headaches from working long hours. How do you conclude that the EMF was the cause, rather than just long, stressful work sessions? And the only way to get a headache from a wireless router is to pick it up and bash yourself in the head with it, repeatedly.

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