Community response to a two-headed calf

An anomaly appears in Idaho. People are intrigued.

Two-headed calf born: ‘It had one neck, two ears and four eyes’ |  KBOI 2.

Kirscbhaum told KBOI 2News that a two-headed calf was born on the family farm in Jamieson, Ore., in Malheur County on Monday. When Heidi and the rest of the family arrived in the field, the calf was already dead. The calf’s mother is doing fine.

It’s lucky that that the cow survived but not surprising the calf died. The defect did not allow for it to exist on its own outside the womb. Not all die. See this story on a pig from China. And, for more, see our two-headed collection.

Even though the animal died, the community including the Kindergarten class, seemed intrigued. “We brought pictures to her class — the kids and the teacher really enjoyed it,” [Kirscbhaum] said. Morbid? Maybe but good to learn. Nature can we weird. Things go wrong but it is important to see how it goes wrong and understand why.

They have preserved the head. Why not, right?

two-head calf

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  1. September 19, 2013 at 3:37 PM

    “An anomaly appears in Idaho.”

    Oregon, not Idaho. 🙂

    Two-headed animals are a perennial favorite. I remember going to OMSI as a little girl and seeing the stuffed 2-headed lamb. And that was a LOT of years ago. 😀

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