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Call to Action: Tesco and WDDTY | The Quackometer Blog.

For a year now, there has been much concern that mainstream retail outlets have been stocking and selling a magazine called What Doctors Don’t Tell You. Now, there are many magazines on the shelves that frequently promote superstitious and pseudoscientific forms of health belief, such as homeopathy, vitamins and reiki, but WDDTY goes way beyond most offerings. This is a magazine that plays in the mainstream and yet systematically sets out to undermine trust in medical professionals and promote nonsensical, disproven or misrepresented alternatives.

The magazine undermines public health advice about many things including vaccines, and promotes nonsensical, useless homeopathic alternatives in their place. It promotes the idea that vitamin C might be a ‘wonder cure’ for HIV and measles. If people were to follow any of the advice in here, they could be seriously harmed or even killed.

Dr Margaret McCartney spoke on Radio 4 about it, and called WDDTY “ridiculously alarmist”. When the writer Simon Singh spoke on twitter about his concerns that WDDTY magazine was promoting” health advice that could potentially harm readers” he was threatened with legal action. Although the magazine lists its own medical advisors, there is much to be concerned about regarding these advisors’ stances on medical reality. An article in the BMJ was heavily critical of the approach WDDTY takes to medicine and evidence.

We urge our UK readers to write to Tesco to complain. Email: customer.service@tesco.co.uk
or via their website here. You can help put the screws to bad information.

Recall that they threatened libel action against skeptical bloggers.

Photo credit: garwboy (Dean Burnett) on Yfrog

Photo credit: garwboy (Dean Burnett) on Yfrog



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  1. September 21, 2013 at 2:17 AM

    Oh, good grief.

    There is this terrible magazine called “Autism File.” To tell how horrible it is, Andrew Wakefield is a “medical consultant” or some such on this rag. I tried to link to its website, but the Google search brought me to a media channel owned by Mr. Wakefield. AARGH!

    About two years ago my son was a patient at a local hospital, one that was associated with a local medical school. While I was getting coffee at its shop I noticed it was carrying copies of this despicable publication. I angrily bought one, especially since the nurse had offered my son an influenza vaccine just before his discharge (he had already had it).

    I got a call from the hospital folks asking about my son’s stay, I told them I was quite dismayed at their gift shop selling a magazine that directly contradicted their vaccine policies. The woman was sympathetic, and told me that they would be emailing me for input on our experience at the hospital. I replied to that email by both praising the hospital staff, and explaining why the “Autism File” magazine should not be in their gift shop. I got a letter back explaining that they went to the gift shop and removed all the copies, and were told that the shop distributor had placed them there “by mistake.”

    Unfortunately due to the First Amendment and lack of public health concerns I could not stop the infiltration of this rag at the two local grocery stores. All I could do with one is stealthily move another document to hide the magazines. For some reason in one store they were there, and then disappeared (it seems that this store that actively employed neurodivergent folks were less tolerant of the content of that rag).

    Obviously that tolerant store was not alone. That rag is now only available in digital form. I hope it just disappears. But that wish is couple with Wakefield being deported.

  2. September 21, 2013 at 12:57 PM

    I would buy that issue of WMDTY.

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