Blue-skinned man dies

The silver didn’t kill him.

Real-life ‘Blue Man’ dies after heart attack, stroke –

The man who shot to Internet fame several years ago after appearing on TODAY to discuss a condition that permanently turned his skin a deep blue has died.

Paul Karason was 62 when he passed away Monday in a Washington hospital, where he was admitted last week after suffering a heart attack.

Karason had taken colloidal silver to cure a skin condition. This caused argyria or blue skin. The silver collects in the skin and reacts with light. It is not curable. But Karason had other health conditions that were not related to the silver ingestion and that is what he died from.

People called him “Papa Smurf” and he was a poster person for the hazards of alternative medicine. Manufacturers of colloidal products alleged that this would not happen if the treatment had been properly prepared and tried to discredit Karason’s claim that the colloidal silver was hazardous. Figures…

Silver colloid is NOT recommended as a modern medical treatment for any condition even though silver has antibacterial properties.

Paul Karason

Paul Karason

Here is Paul’s story from The true blue story of Paul Karason – NBC

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  1. Chris Howard
    September 25, 2013 at 1:16 AM

    I have relatives in Eastern Kentucky that suffer from Methemoglobinemia, aka the blue people of Kentucky.

    I immediately thought of them when I read the headline.

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