Telekinesis as cause of death?

Look out Uri Geller! You could be charged with a crime!

LOCAL – Turkish Prime Ministry Inspection Board cites ‘telekinesis’ as possible cause of mysterious suicides.

The suspicious suicides of four engineers working at the Turkish corporation ASELSAN could have been caused by telekinesis, according to a report by the Turkish Prime Ministry Inspection Board.

The report, presented to the Ankara Public Prosecutor in accordance with the ongoing investigation over the 2006-2007 suicides, claimed the victims could have been directed toward the suicides by way of telekinesis, citing the work done by neuropsychology expert Nevzat Tarhan.

One engineer from Turkey’s military research and development enterprise was found dead in his car in 2006. It was ruled a suicide. Two other engineers working at the same place died shortly after Başbilen. One from a bullet to the head and the other from falling off a balcony. In a bizarre consideration, the neuropsychologist expert said do not discount telekinesis because it could cause severe distress and headaches in the victims, giving them a tendency to kill themselves. And that:

the waves could be sent from 1.5 kilometers, and could direct victims towards a suicidal state of mind, Tarhan told daily Hürriyet.

WHAT?! How did he come up with that? That flies in the face of physics and neurology. Apparently they were all working on the same project. Did anyone perhaps consider that a more NORMAL down to earth explanation was the cause of their stress or accidents? To impose a completely implausible cause is ridiculous. I’m curious about this Tarhan dude. Real doctors don’t usually suggest such asinine ideas.

Something is certainly troubling in this situation. Note this:

All four engineers were undergoing psychological treatment before their deaths. But inspectors find it suspicious that, after Başbilen’s death, all three other engineers had, one after the other, started to undergo psychological treatment. The inspectors conceded in the report, however, that no connection between the four deaths has been found.

This article notes that the board consulted with “experts in telepathy”. Who would that be since no one has ever shown telepathy actually exists?

I found no details as to whom would be generating the negative vibes that allegedly may have disturbed the men.

  4 comments for “Telekinesis as cause of death?

  1. Brian
    August 6, 2013 at 11:10 PM

    How about that there’s something else going on, those arent suicides, and even tho the projects they were working on weren’t important in themselves, there were aspects of it, or even their clearances that had interest, and that neuroscientist is up to his stethoscope in it?

  2. Nos482
    August 6, 2013 at 11:49 PM

    Four suicides on the same project…my first thought would’ve been a hitman; “make it look like a suicide” and stuff.
    Or maybe the turkish military has the worst shrinks ever.
    Or their project was so F’ed up, that those guys couldn’t take it anymore.
    Or they had some kind of suicide pact running (If we’re not married by the age of 30…)
    Or one of thousands of other possibilities. But how in the seven hells did they come up with telekinesis?

  3. Brian
    August 7, 2013 at 2:49 PM

    I just had an interesting thought. Would Uri Geller admit that what he does is a sham if he were to be charged with Murder by Telekinesis?

  4. August 7, 2013 at 6:04 PM

    That is an interesting thought. Probably why he didn’t agree to do it for the military.

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