Shark on the train; it is shark week after all (UPDATE: Solved)

Reader Sam Basta, Jr. sent us this story from yesterday that I dropped in the remains of the day because I couldn’t think of what to say about it except, “Did someone drop the shark?”

Dead shark found on New York subway car –

Commuters encountered an unexpected passenger when they boarded a New York City subway train early Wednesday: a shark.

A still wet 1-and-a-half foot shark carcass was discovered on the floor of a subway car at around midnight in downtown Manhattan.

“I thought it was just a plush toy or a prank,” passenger Juan Cano told CNN. “When I saw the teeth that’s I knew it was real, it was no toy.”

The shark, described as weighing between five to 10 pounds, was discovered near a row of seats by passengers on the Queens-bound N train at the 14th Street stop.

It appeared to have been caught by a fishing line. Transit officials have no idea how it got there. Some people wonder if it’s a prank for Discovery’s Shark Week. They deny involvement. This truly was the week of the shark.

Kudos to the photographer who included items for scale.

Kudos to the photographer who included items for scale.

UPDATE (9-Aug-2013): Some kids found the shark on a Coney Island beach. It was then taken by others and finally by a man who gave it a ride. It was already dead.
Brooklyn mom solves shark train mystery by revealing kids found it at Coney Island –

The fare-beating fish whose rotting corpse rode the rails from Coney Island to Queens Tuesday washed up on the beach that day and was eventually taken on the N-train by a Brooklyn man who found it lying next to the Cyclone roller coaster.

The 31-year-old Brooklyn man said that he thought the fish was such a fine specimen, he decided to take it home to study it.

He left it on the train on purpose. It was described as a female dogfish.

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  1. Chris Howard
    August 8, 2013 at 4:51 PM

    Someone’s groceries?

  2. August 8, 2013 at 9:12 PM

    Looks like Cuthbert, the Spiny Dogfish I did a dissection of back in ’74 or ’75 in Comparative Anatomy. They’re pretty easy to come by and inexpensive.

    Cuthbert’s head is presently in a jar in my cupboard behind the canned veggies. I’m just still proud of the cranial dissection I did/

  3. Sam
    August 9, 2013 at 7:44 AM

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