Officials getting serious about Spain panther stories

Authorities in Spain have taken mystery big cat stories very seriously.

Panther: Police In Spain Hunt For Big Cat.

Spanish authorities are using night vision equipment to hunt for a panther-like big cat that has been spotted by residents.

More than half a dozen people have reported seeing the black “large feline” in farmland around Berja, just inland from the south coast.

Several cages containing meat and image intensifying cameras have been set up in an attempt to catch the beast.

Search coordinator, Jacinto Navarro, said on Friday: “From all the witnesses’ descriptions it seems it is a black panther but we’re not sure.

There is no word in this piece whether they have found any traces of an actual big cat like paw prints, scat or prey remains. In fact, this piece says there HASN’T been any traces found. (Tip: Luis Alfonso Gámez)

I’m very skeptical of this story that has been going around for about a month. But it will be interesting to see what this investigation produces.

Meanwhile, this is absolutely lovely. You can see how you might be fooled.

Big black moggies – common. Big black panthers – exceedingly rare and not normally found in your area.

Recall this black cat from Louisiana last month. It looks very convincing but it was just a domestic cat.

Screen shot of LA cat

Screen shot of LA cat

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  1. August 24, 2013 at 6:24 PM

    Black panthers are everywhere, it seems. Either big moggies or wild felines seen in low-light conditions mostly. They are spotted in Michigan occasionally but usually end up being cougars taken in poor light or with a cheap camera.

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