Warning against “natural” morning sickness remedy – contains heavy metals

Yet another warning about the hazards of unregulated (or poorly regulated) dietary supplements. You do not know what they contain and in what doses. It may be hazardous to your health.

Morning sickness remedy ‘contains arsenic’ | News Article | Pulse Today.

Pregnant women with morning sickness have been told to visit their GP by public health experts, after a nutritional supplement marketed to reduce symptoms was found to contain high levels of heavy metals.

The warning from Public Health England comes after they received reports pregnant women in Asian and African communities in London were using ‘calabash chalk’ to treat their morning sickness.

Dr Yvonne Doyle, regional director for PHE London, said: ‘It is of great concern to us that pregnant women may be taking these chalk products as a nutritional supplement during pregnancy.

‘Exposure to heavy metals, like lead, should be kept as low as practically possible under all circumstances, but particularly during pregnancy when the risk of adverse effects is large.

‘We strongly advise against taking any medicinal or “remedy” product while pregnant without talking to your GP or health visitor about the health risk.’

Many medicines of the recent past contained substances we now know are toxic in large doses – mercury, lead, silver, and arsenic. It’s EXTREMELY serious to consider what you put into your body when pregnant. There is no justification for taking advice from a non-medical doctor (naturopaths, homeopaths or other non-MD or DO practitioners are not qualified to give this type of advice!)

Quackwatch links to an article about pregnant Asian women who used Ayurvedic medicine which contained metals.

We’ve reported on this topic previously here: Heavy metals found in Ayurvedic meds advertised to help with pregnancy | Doubtful News. Ayurvedic meds are promoted as safe and effective but they appear in many cases to be neither.

Prefer natural? Yeah, arsenic is natural. Nature is often good at killing us.