The mystery of the cursed money

We can find some reasonable, if unfortunate, causes instead of a “curse” but the story is intriguing.

Curse? Gardener didn’t live to enjoy cash he found –

The death of a McHenry County man, just days before he was to collect some of the $150,000 he found in his garden, is causing some to wonder if his elderly neighbor was right all along.

She said the money was cursed.

Wayne Sabaj, 51, was an unemployed carpenter when he reported finding the bags of cash while picking broccoli in August 2011. He was due to enter into a settlement in court on July 11 that would have split the windfall between him and the neighbor, said his lawyer, Robert Burke.

The neighbor, Delores Johnson, whose daughter had also made a claim for the money on her behalf, also died before the mystery was settled. Johnson, who had dementia and died in December at 87, told her daughter that “she had gotten rid of the money because it was cursed,” said Burke, quoting court records.

Sabaj died of complications related to diabetes. This death and the death of the neighbor at age 87 doesn’t connect in any way with the money but with logical reasons. It is a sad coincidence that he did not get to enjoy the windfall. There is even a more interesting mystery about where the money came from. No one claimed it and it is unclear if it was illegally obtained. There is no such thing as a “curse” except in a person’s own mind. If you believe that bad things will befall you, then you will connect all bad things that do happen to it. What will happen to the money? I don’t believe in curses [hint, hint].