Sweat and squeeze guru is free to build empire again

I can’t help but think of the new season of Arrested Development. But, this is neither funny nor fiction.

Motivational speaker that pimps “Harmonic Wealth” is free from prison after two years and looks like is on track to continue his business.

They’re watching as guru in sweat lodge case goes free – CNN.com.

New Age guru James Arthur Ray is out of prison, but the families of three acolytes who died in a sweat lodge ceremony vow to keep on eye on him if he tries to rebuild his self-help empire.

Ray left an Arizona prison Friday after serving 20 months for the negligent homicides of three followers who sought spiritual breakthroughs but died of overheating in a sweat lodge near Sedona in October 2009.

Fifty-five people followed Ray into the sweat lodge; three died from overheating and 19 others were hospitalized after they collapsed, vomited, had trouble breathing, hallucinated, foamed at the mouth or fell unconscious.

Ray was convicted of negligently causing the deaths of Kirby Brown, 38, of Westtown, New York; Lizbeth Neuman, 49, of Prior Lake, Minnesota; and James Shore, 40, of Milwaukee. Ray was found negligent, but acquitted of manslaughter charges that could have sent him to prison for 30 years.

The relatives of the victims are understandably annoyed and will be watching should Ray “attempt to rebuild the self-help empire that included best-selling books, motivational seminars, speaking engagements and $10,000-a-head weekend retreats.” His web site is currently being “updated”. I bet. It’s still flashy and fancy though.

Ray’s methods were spiritual and “quantum”. Yeah, that’s an automatic gagging right there. He was a believer in the Law of Attraction where positive thoughts bring good things. And, he employed some Native American ritual in his retreats. His programs promise you can make your life improve by adding 20 minutes a day of his coaching. Bullshit.

The current season of Arrested Development includes a spoof of a plan that sounds an awful lot like Ray with his sweat lodge and money making motivational speaking.

Want to know more about Ray? Check out Rick Alan Ross’s site with many links.

I think we should keep our skeptical eyes on this guy. He will most likely not retreat from this cash cow and may reinvent himself.

Scene from Arrested Development on Netflix that incorporates Native mythology

Scene from Arrested Development on Netflix that incorporates Native mythology

  2 comments for “Sweat and squeeze guru is free to build empire again

  1. Chris Howard
    July 17, 2013 at 2:51 PM

    So if he believes in the law of attraction I wonder what his thoughts are about his conviction, and subsequent incarceration?

  2. Chris
    July 17, 2013 at 2:52 PM

    I have heard him spouting off some new thing on the radio, come kind of self-help CDs. I usually was sputtering in disgust to hear the full details, but I found something on it:

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