Reports of black big cats in France

Escapees? Or misidentification? Nothing has been found so far.

‘Black panthers’ spotted on the French Riviera – The Local.

Police on the French Riviera are hunting one or even two black panthers after several reported sightings of the wild cat in recent days. The alert comes as authorities in the south of France are still trying to track down a fugitive brown bear.

Officers have been forced to step up patrols and bring in helicopter support after several sightings of one or even two black panthers in recent days.

“The police are conducting patrols in the area and are waiting or the next sighting to trigger a helicopter search of the area,” the Var police chief announced this week.

Their searches are concentrated on the area between Toulon and the village of Revest-les-Eaux.

Tracks have been found but an escape of a captive cat has not been reported. A local zoo keeper says the tracks are genuine and “probably” a black panther. You can’t TELL that from prints, which is confusing, but you can tell a large cat print due to size and lack of claw marks.

This is not the first time people have claimed to see mystery animals around here. And, black cats are spotted all around the world. Surprisingly (perhaps), the cats are almost NEVER found even though widely reported.

And apparently a real bear is on the loose? Sounds like a happening place.

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  1. Irna
    July 6, 2013 at 7:42 AM

    Hi, the reports of a bear on the loose in Gruissan are real. It’s an old she-bear, escaped from a nearby zoological park. The park managers have confirmed that she is missing, and she was seen by several people, and even photographed once:,1767464.php

  2. July 6, 2013 at 10:13 AM

    The HoaxBusters page in French is here I translated it and this seems to be a bigger deal than I thought. One suggestion is that because of the wealthy people living here, a black panther as an exotic pet would not be so farfetched. Perhaps one escaped. That is the most logical explanation. Although, they haven’t found the cat so imagination and mistaken identity is logical too.

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