Psychic no help to police in Isle of Wight case

Reality bites. For a change the media reports that the psychic DIDN’T help.

Police searching Isle of Wight park for body – Daily Press.

Isle of Wight Sheriff Mark Marshall said Portsmouth detectives had advised they were following up a psychic’s tip that the body of a Portsmouth homicide victim might be in the park. Jan Clark, a spokeswoman for Portsmouth police, said some of Marshall’s information was incorrect, but declined to provide any details or confirm whether a psychic was involved.

On Thursday, investigators cordoned off the refuge’s main trail with crime tape, then waited for nearly two hours for Sam — a German shorthaired pointer trained in cadaver searches — to show up from Virginia Beach. After 15 minutes in the woods with Sam and owner Sarah Platt, detectives and deputies emerged from the taped-off trail to report that the dog didn’t find any evidence of a body.

Not surprisingly the psychic did not lead to any breakthrough in this case. There is no evidence that psychics have ever helped solved a murder or missing person case. But they do waste police time. Often information that seems “correct” is just vague and retrofitted after a body is found. I do wonder if other psychics will come forth and say THEY can do a better job. They never do.

Despite Popularity, Psychic Detectives Fail to Perform | LiveScience

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  1. Adam
    July 30, 2013 at 4:31 AM

    Now they need to charge this person for wasting police time.

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