Midland black panther spotted again

The sightings continue but no hard evidence was found. Check out this comprehensive article in the Birmingham Mail.

Startled grandfather latest to spy famous Loughborough ‘panther’ – Birmingham Mail.

Awad Aboulela couldn’t believe his eyes when a “panther” strolled into his Midland garden.

It refused to budge – even when the stunned grandfather clapped his hands.

The 58-year-old said: “It was a black animal, with the same tail of a cat but a much larger size. It had brown stripes. It was there for six or seven minutes.

He contacted police because he thinks the animal may be dangerous.

Several sightings have been reported over the past years related to the area of the railroad tracks. The Midland big cats are thought to be “black panthers” – a nebulous term that refers to a melanistic cat – or even pumas. These big cats are not native to the UK, but as we have noted many times before, they are reported seen with regularity.

More sightings are made of ‘black cat’ – Loughborough Echo.

Roy Marson, 84, and his wife Sheila, 81, were shocked to find the large cat behind their home in Whitehouse Avenue on Monday, July 8. And even more shocked when it returned on Wednesday.
Roy told the Echo: “It was about 9.30pm on Monday night. My wife went up to the top of the garden and she looked over the fence and came back down and said ‘come here quickly.’ About four houses up there was this big black cat. It was bigger than a Labrador and when it put its paws up against the fence you could see how big it was. I have never seen anything like it. It was like a panther.”

It’s time that good pictures, film or tracks to be obtained from the creature. I’ve no doubt people are seeing a dark-colored animal. But the difficulty is in establishing what type of animal, and most importantly, how big. Determining size of an animal without solid scale to judge is notoriously difficult.

These hundreds of sightings keep the British Big Cat Research group busy. There is evidence that non-native cats are living here but the elusive beasts will not give themselves up so easily.