Here is a highly credible account of alien abduction…

Former Knicks player Baron Davis was recently a guest on “The Champs” podcast and shared his story of being abducted by aliens.

Ex-Knick Davis says he was ‘actually abducted by aliens two weeks ago,’ and it turned out pretty good.

“I was actually abducted by aliens like two weeks ago,” the two-time NBA All-Star announced on this week’s “The Champs” podcast.

Davis then launches into a several-minute-long description of driving from Vegas to L.A. and suddenly finding himself getting poked in the eyes by “f—ing ugly mother f—ers” in a steel spaceship.

“And I was driving, driving, then next thing you know, dude, like, I was in this f—ing like steel thing and these f—ing crazy looking peole, like half-human, half, like, f—ing ugly motherf—ers,” he tells the podcast hosts.

Brennan, a co-writer of Chappelle’s Show, and Kasher, a noted stand-up comic, seem taken aback, and repeatedly ask the NBA star if he is serious or not.

Davis insists on the podcast that, “Hell yeah, dude,” he

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