Gacy victim identity still in dispute

A mother refuses to accept that the body in the grave, a victim of the notorious mass murderer John Wayne Gacy, is that of her son. Preliminary DNA results cause confusion.

DNA test revives mystery of killer Gacy’s Victim No. 14.

Last fall, Marino obtained a court order to exhume Michael’s body and put her doubts to scientific scrutiny. Preliminary DNA tests show her mother’s instincts were correct: The remains in the casket weren’t Michael’s.

“I always knew it. I said to everyone, you’re going to see that I’m right,” she said recently in her first newspaper interview since the DNA results became available.

Those results pose one more challenge for authorities, who are still trying to identify some of Gacy’s victims nearly two decades after his execution in 1994.

Circumstances of the death are suggested to be unclear – such as clothing and physical traits that do not match. However, the team who studied the dental records and used other evidence are convinced that it is Michael Marino. The push of the story is that the mother’s intuition is telling her this is not her son. She claims that just by putting her hand on the grave she knows it’s not her son. The tragic story drips with denial from a mother who can not accept the fate of her child. She is determined and still remains hopeful that he is out there alive.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office has refused to accept the DNA results and want a retest. They say that this one test should not overthrow all their other evidence especially that if it’s not Michael, who is it and where is the real Michael?

It’s a strange story that highlights the problems with forensics. Nothing seems certain, just probable. And probable is not good enough for some to accept.

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  1. July 5, 2013 at 8:48 PM

    What does Sylvia Browne say? Whatever she says it must be the opposite.

  2. Flucksy
    July 7, 2013 at 1:19 AM

    I understand doubting someone you love will make you biased.The way she rejected the claims by sensing his body her hand on his tombstone is delusional regardless of if he’s alive. I feel sorry for everyone involved

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