Feral feline gang attacks woman walking dog in France

Watch out for attack cats who are aggressive and mean business.

French woman savagely attacked by… cats – The Local.

Traditionally cats are meant to be solitary and docile creatures. But a band of feral French felines in the north-eastern French city of Belfort appears to have put that theory to bed.

The seemingly unprecedented attack happened around 7pm on Sunday at the edge of a wood in Belfort, in the north-eastern region Franche-Comté, situated between Lyon and Strasbourg, French news site l’Est Republicain reported.

The 31-year-old woman had apparently been out walking her pet poodle when she was set upon by half a dozen blood thirsty moggies.

“The vet told us that, in his 20 years in the job, he had never seen such a thing. He couldn’t find a single explanation for the cats’ abnormal behaviour,” she said.

Domesticated cats tend to be very calm and usually people friendly creatures. Feral cats, like the ones in this story, are not. They can be extremely aggressive, especially if strangers are walking in or too close to their territory. I found another story similar to this one from Hawaii in 2000. A woman walking to the market with her dog was attacked by 5 or 6 cats. It was also unprovoked. Individual feral cats will attack if provoked or threatened but group attacks are rare and can constitute a serious neighborhood problem. Warnings have been issued for tourists to be aware in this part of France. At least it wasn’t non-native cats.

  3 comments for “Feral feline gang attacks woman walking dog in France

  1. Kylie Sturgess
    July 25, 2013 at 12:44 PM

    I’ve had a friend who had her domestic cat eaten by a feral one. In Australia, most states require you to neuter and microchip your cat, due to people dumping cats in bushland and having them turn feral and kill wildlife, etc.

  2. Scott auden
    July 25, 2013 at 1:10 PM

    An attack is easy to believe; what’s puzzling is the “pack” aspect. In the wild cats (meaning feral domestic felines) maintain complex territories with little interaction beyond mating and rules for keeping out of each others way. A group of half-a-dozen is strange, whether behaving aggresively or not. Fascinating that the other incident you mention also involved a group.

  3. Lovleanjel
    July 31, 2013 at 2:00 PM

    The general consensus seems to be that feral cats are individualistic, but farm cats (semi-feral) form prides. anecdotally the ferals by my old house formed groups based on blood – kittens from the same litter banded together for survival after mom had her next batch and told them to move on. For at least three years one litter (two gingers, one black, three grey-and-whites and two ginger-and-whites) regularly hung out together. A couple of kittens from a subsequent litter joined them over time. They seemed to co-own my neighbor’s house (who fed them crazy cat lady style) and the two adjoining properties. I watched them fight off rivals in pairs several times.

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